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Our book in German to this tour.
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Kenya is a state of diversity. The warriors of Massais, Samburos, Turkanas trying to keep their traditions in contrast to modern Nairobi. Snow at the equator! Humidity at the Indian Ocean! Kenya the animal kingdom!

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The Missionary in Illeret lies near the Lake Turkana also called Lake Rudolf.  The missionaries here are from America.  We are heartily greeted.  Two days of well earned rest







and then we leave our wonderful spot at the sea.  Approximately 20,000 crocodiles and hippos have made this 400km long sea their home.  Despite this Uwe takes his Kite to the water much to the enjoyment of all the spectators.  Although we are dealing with the same tribe as in Ethiopia, these people are much more withdrawn.  After two wild days driving with Dr. Jim (a missionary and Landrover specialist hence the Dr.).



 along the Turkish sea and through the impassable terrain of the Alley Ridge we reach Maralal.  In this area around Baragoi the Samburu and Masai find make their home.  The Masai, known for their intricate and artistic body painting wait to be photographed.  Their goal of course is to obtain money and the fee is negotiated beforehand.  1.5% of the total population of 25,838.00 is comprised of Masai.  Kenya is 580,367 Km2 large.  Shortly after maralal we part ways. Soon we see Mount Kenya on the horizon.  The vegetation becomes greener and more bountiful.  We continue on to Nanyuki where the Landrover inspection is due.  Nanyuki is at the base of Mount Kenya.  With 5,199



Meters the mountain is the highest in Kenya and lies directly on the equator.  We organize a tour of the mountain.  A guide and his carrier accompany us on the four-day tour.  The day trips from hut to hut start very early in the morning since by noon strong rain showers usually set in.  We pass through various vegetation zones.  We reach the peak by moonshine at three in the morning.  Standing way up on the endless expanse of ice it is an unforgettable experience.

Nairobi the capital awaits us. Here we finally have our passports stamped. We drive into the downtown on a bus and enjoy the view of the lively city from the 26th story of the municipal building.  It is possible to hook into the Internet and everything your heart desires can be found here.  We enjoy Nairobi and the find the city and its citizens modern, hardworking and outgoing. Traveling through large industrial complexes we leave Nairobi and head in the direction of Namanga and the Amboseli Nation Park.  We pass by the Ngong mountains the chosen home of the author Tania Blixen.  100km outside the city the people live very simply again and are more traditionally clothed.  The land is unbelievably green and the cows are in good condition.  As we enter the Amboseli park we are greeted by the long-awaited hippos,


giraffes, zebras and marabou as we hastily make our way to our camp.  The spot is in the middle of the park and affords us nothing aside from a night in the African wilderness.  Oh yes a pit toilet for 300 shillings is available for us.  We are accompanied by an armed guard the last 60-km to Tsavopark.  This time of year is not the best for animal observation. The grass is high and it rains almost daily in the park.   However, we still manage to see giraffes and antelopes as well as warthogs and elephants.  We end the day with bush camping under an enormous Baobab tree with a view of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.  Our next goal Mombasa, is stifling humid. We rent a camping place at Tiwi Beach for a few days.  Here Uwe unpacks his

Kite again and fights with the unpredictable tradewinds.  At night it begins to rain and continues throughout the next day as well. Annoyed, we flee this damp green hell and head in the direction of Tanzania. It is May 16th.
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