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Our book in German to this tour.
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We are charmed by Sudan. It measures 2,505.813 square km and has a population of 26,587.000. We drive through lush countryside along the Nile, the longest African river. The impressive pyramids, the reserved people, lively Karthum with its faded, hardly recognizable colonial past leave us enchanted.

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On the 20th of March we drive over the border to the Sudan.  The next day we officially enter Karabatum.  It sounds like someplace out of the Arabian Nights. Karabatum we are here.  The formalities take about four hours – not so fairytalelike. However, we get a dinner invitation at the head of securities out of the ordeal.  Our last Libyan dinars are spent on diesel and we gather water out of a 300 meter deep well.  This is a meeting place for the fully loaded trucks that are making the journey from Koufra into the Sudan.
A day later we are swallowed up by the desert again. Another 650km of solitude await us on our way to Dongola on the Nile. Dongola offers a good infrastructure.  The internet wasn’t possible, but we were able to telephone to Germany. After all those days in the desert we relish the time spent in this town. Not exactly the peak of civilization, but still, where possible the generators are humming away at night and where not it remains dark. We spend the night in a hotel – the best hotel in the area and spend the night with innumerable mosquitoes.
After this restless night we have had enough of civilization and follow the path of the Nile.
The pyramids of Karima out of the 25th Dynasty lie before us and at the foot of the Jebel Barkal there is a temple and a pretty well preserved image of the Egyptian Queen Hatschepsut. Here in the vegetation zone along the fertile Nile there are many people who, for the most part, are very friendly and not invasive. 
In two more solitary days we cross the Baiyuda Desert between Karima and Atbara – a shortcut.
We still have another 250km from Atbara to Khartoum.  We can take our time visiting all the attractions along the Nile.
On the 1st of April we visit Meroe, the previous capital of the Kingdom of Kusch, which, as our guide book tells us has 30 pyramids and different baths from the 2nd AD. 
We visit the Temple of the meroit culture at Wad Ben Naqa on the way through Musawarat and Naga.  On the 3rd of April we arrive in Khartoum the capital of Sudan.  Included in this is Omdurman with approximately 500,000 inhabitants.  This is the meeting place of the blue and the White Nile. These two rivers flow as the Nile towards the Mediterranean.  We, however, embark in the other direction towards Gedaref and the Ethiopian border by Gallabat. As we leave Khartoum we travel through horrible fields. As we follow the Blue Nile that comes out of the Ethiopian highlands we still have the cries of the Muslims in our ear as the drumming and songs of the Orthodox Church greet us.
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